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President Obama Promises to Help Fix the Immigration System

By |Published on July 9th, 2015|Posted in Immigration

Tonight at 8 pm President Obama promises to take executive action to help fix the broken immigration system. In an e-mail sent to supporters this afternoon, Obama said,

It’s been more than 500 days since the Senate passed a comprehensive, bipartisan reform bill, and the House has shown no signs of movement. Every day we fail to act, it’s taking a toll on our country and our economy. Millions of families who want to play by the rules have no choice but to live in the shadows.

At Tucker & Ludin we are prepared to provide legal assistance to any immigrant who might benefit from the soon to be announced executive order. It is our hope that eventually congress will pass comprehensive immigration reform. But, until that time, we are dependent upon the executive branch having the courage to stand up to those who wish to lock our borders or expel all those who are undocumented.

Whether our President acts within the limitations set by our laws and constitution may eventually be determined in the courts. But, tonight, we hope that he acts humanly, as many Democratic and Republican Presidents have done throughout history. It is good for us as a nation to do the right thing for others. But, even more importantly, lawfully employed immigrants will help our economy grow and keep us as a prosperous nation and leader in the world.

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