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At what point should you hire an attorney after you have been in an accident?

By |Published on September 26th, 2016|Posted in Immigration

There is no reason to wait – you should contact an attorney immediately after you have had an accident. If you are feeling well enough to call a lawyer the day of or immediately after your accident, you should do it.

There are many important reasons why you should not delay in retaining counsel. First, within a week after an accident, there’s a chance evidence may be lost and your case may be harmed as a result. Therefore, you should meet with a lawyer quickly so that they can preserve critical evidence. Second, it is also important to meet with and retain an attorney quickly so that you can learn about your rights under Florida no-fault auto laws and obtain advice on how to protect your benefits under you auto insurance and health insurance policies. Third, you should see a lawyer so that you can be comfortable in knowing that you are seeing the best doctors for your injuries.

You can only get money for pain and suffering, mental anguish and other non-economic damages if your doctor is willing to testify that you suffered a permanent disability or impairment. Therefore, shortly after the accident, you should begin treatment with a physician who is best suited to help you achieve a full recovery. However, if you cannot fully recover, your physician should also be familiar with the legal requirements for making a claim for pain and suffering and be willing to testify on your behalf if needed.
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