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How President Obama’s Executive Order Will Help Business and Create Jobs

By |Published on November 25th, 2014|Posted in Immigration

When people debate President Obama’s recent Executive Action on Immigration, they tend to talk about his deportation protection for undocumented immigrants ignoring many of the other aspects of the order. For instance, there is little attention given to the changes that will enable job-creating entrepreneurs to legally enter and operate in the US.

One goal of the executive order is to improve business immigration. For example, certain investors will be eligible for parole in the U.S. or for “parole-in-place”. Parole, in the immigration context, refers to allowing one to enter the U.S., or stay in the U.S., who does not meet all the technical requirements of a visa. More details about how parole will work for investors will be disclosed shortly, but are not yet known.

The order also will make national interest waivers available for entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors, and business founders. This allows a waiver of the labor certification in certain instances thereby streamlining issuance of visas for these categories of individuals who can contribute something significant to our society and economy. It will also increase access for University affiliated business to key talent.

The executive order also provides that those who have applied for an employment based adjustment of status, but who are caught up in the quota backlog, to have their adjustment of status advanced to allow them to get the benefits of the pending adjustment. This will be done by administrative regulation and does not require a congressional act.

There will be a Presidential Memorandum directing the various immigration-related agencies to look at modernizing the visa system which should also, ultimately, streamline the visa process.

The order will presumably allow those who do get deferred action to also get work permits. This will make it easier on business looking to hire undocumented immigrants and create job opportunities for those undocumented immigrants in our country.

Ultimately, all of these steps, details of which will be announced soon, will be a boon for our economy.

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