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Eric Ludin’s Response to Criticism of President Obama’s Executive Order

By |Published on November 21st, 2014|Posted in Immigration

In the Tampa Bay Times editorial page on November 21, 2014, President Obama is criticized for issuing an Executive Order protecting millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. Pasted below is the letter to the editor that I sent in response.

Dear Editor,

I was deeply disappointed with your editorial criticizing President Obama’s executive order on immigration primarily because the timing was wrong. As a lawyer handling immigration cases, I have met with countless people living in fear deportation and separation from their families. I have met highly educated professionals who are relegated to cleaning houses in order to feed their families without a work permit. I have met children who have never known the language or culture of their birth country and, although they feel 100% American, they cannot even get a driver’s license or instate tuition.

I teach my children that there is never a wrong time to do what you can to help relieve the misery of others. It may not have been politically correct for him to issue his order now. But, timing should not be a consideration when deciding whether to use your talent, skills and legal ability to act humanely.

In Profiles in Courage, President Kennedy told the stories of United States senators who risked their careers by standing up for particular ideals or principles, even when constituents or powerful interest groups pressured them to bend. The editors of your paper missed an opportunity to praise our President for doing just that.

Eric E. Ludin

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