How to Select a Lawyer to Assist With Your Accident Case

By |Published on November 15th, 2016|Posted in Personal Injury

If you have had an accident, one of the most important decisions you will make will be your selection of an attorney. Many people are referred to their lawyer by a friend or acquaintance who knows the lawyer and may have had a positive experience with them. That is how most of our clients come to us. Most of our practice was developed by word of mouth. But, if you do not have a referral source, it can be very confusing. With all the lawyer advertising, it is difficult to know who to hire.
A good lawyer has experience handling your type of case, but even more importantly, cares about you and is willing to discuss your case with you whenever you have questions. The biggest complaint I hear about other lawyers is that they do not return their calls and do not keep their clients advised as to the status of their case. I believe that a client who cannot communicate with their lawyer is not getting the representation they deserve. Our firm makes it a practice to always return phone calls as soon as possible. If clients have questions, they can also e-mail their attorney and will receive a quick response, usually within hours.
You should be wary of hiring a lawyer who advertises on television. While many advertisers are excellent attorneys, others use TV advertising solely to collect clients and make money. You may find that you never get to meet with the TV lawyer. They will often refer the calls to other lawyers and even other law firms. If they refer to other law firms, the advertiser can collect a referral fee without any direct handling of your case.
In the personal injury field, advertising is very profitable because many of the clients who respond to ads do not know any lawyers personally and need help finding someone. Congratulations to you for doing some online research and reading blogs like this one.
Tucker & Ludin is an AV preeminent rated law firm which is the highest peer review rating possible. Both Eric Ludin and John Tucker are past Presidents of our local bar association and highly respected and reputable members of the legal community. Both have decades of experience practicing law and work with highly trained associate attorneys. If this is the kind of lawyer you are looking for, please call the St. Petersburg, FL accident attorneys at Tucker & Ludin and we will gladly explain your rights and help you get the representation you deserve.

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